Company information

SUPPLY & SOLUTIONS GV, C.A., is a company that according to its 

main economic activity: executes other services activities NCP 9309, 

according to the code of the international classification of economic

 activities (Code ISIC)

SUPPLY & SOLUTIONS GV, C.A.; It is a young company with 100% Venezuelan capital, established since 2006,

having as its beginnings operations since 2011, providing continuous services in shipbuilding agency, protective

agents, brokerage, chartering, stevedores, transshipment, ground transportation, cargo supervision and 

everything related to the different maritime and air commercial activities. Its main objective is to be one of 

the leading companies in the Shipping Industry, complying with the standards and procedures established in 


SUPPLY & SOLUTIONS GV, C.A.; This Conformed by an excellent group of operators of all levels, supported by

the most sophisticated equipment, with demonstrated capacity through the time and a permanent disposition to

 the preparation and personal and professional improvement, offers to its represented (shipowners - brokers) the

possibility to select the best work plan with the management, driving and supervision according to your 


In order to provide the best and most suitable service, SUPPLY & SOLUTIONS GV, C.A. also has the best 

communication systems and personalized attention 24 hours a day, thus ensuring the greatest disposition so that

 your arrival / docking / unloading plan - cargo / departure in the shortest possible time and with the optimal 

conditions required for an early return. This same communication system installed in our offices, with portable 

supports in our operators, allows at all times to maintain full contact with both the offices of the shipowners - 

charters and with the captains of the different ships, which results in a better use of time employee and greater

 overall performance.

Our goal is to expand operations and increase customer satisfaction through the provision of a service that meets

the highest international quality standards within the corresponding legal framework.


Provide an excellent service in the shipping agency, Port Operator and Logistics, through the consolidation of our

technical and financial resources and especially with our human talent, thus guaranteeing the highest standards

of quality, efficiency and competitiveness.

To be a leading company in the provision of an integral service as Shipping Agent, Port Operator and Logistics,

strengthening our presence in the national and international market, with high competitiveness, sustained growth 

and social responsibility.

 Corporate Values








Be the leading company in Shipping Agency Services, Procurement and Collection of solid waste, to all types of

vessels, expanding its reach to other geographical areas of interest in Venezuela and abroad, as well as expanding and diversifying its services within the maritime business .

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